UMAD is an community karate program using contemporary style with traditional values for children and adults My title
Universal Martial Arts Dojos
  1.                        Integrity
    Doing what is right when no one is watching. Integrity is not only portrayed in martial arts but also in day to day life. At U.M.A.D. we believe that being honest and truthful is always the best scenario.
  2.                       Discipline
    Discipline isn't only an outside influence but comes from within. Being able to funnel out distractions to get the task done. This is a key to success with martial arts, business, relationships and life.
  3.                Loyalty & Respect
    Loyalty & Respect
    Respect not only others but yourself, keeping a healthy lifestyle, treating other as we wish to be treated, knowing your self-worth and aspiring to be better. Being loyal to your core values, ethics and principles.


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At Universal Martial Arts Dojos we specilize in a wide range of programs and seminars in the Martial Arts 
Universal Martial Arts Dojos

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